Remove Shoulder Straps Add-On

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Add this option to your cart to signify that you'd like the decorative shoulder straps removed from your Tanlines swimsuit top. See details below for how this will affect the swimsuit top you pick.


*This option will only work if you purchase one of the two tops below.

*Customize further by combining this Add-on with the One-Piece Add-On, the One-Piece with Cut-Outs Add On, or the Pom-Poms Add-On. Simply add all that apply to your cart.


See below to see how this option will apply to your purchase:

Offshore Top: Removal of the two shoulder straps making it a completely off-the-shoulder swim top. 

Dreamcatcher Top: Two options: Option 1: Removal of 2 of the 4 shoulder straps making it a single crossing X in the back. Option 2: Removal of the majority of the criss-crossing shoulder straps leaving instead two shoulder straps that tie as a halter at the back of the neck, leaving an open back, making it a similar construction to the Sheerdrop Top.